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will-apron-cwebThe next Pudding Festival won’t take place until 2019. We DO have a fun food-oriented contest coming up in the fall of 2016–with a twist!

The Record Book of the Ladies Aid Society of Hawley, Massachusetts, includes “A Sketch of the Ladies Aid,” written about 1920 by Mattie Carter White. Mrs. White wrote:

At one time there was a contest for the women sawing wood. The men had a pie baking contest. Mr. Clarence Gould got the prize for making the best pie.

Several gentlemen in town have asked for a revival of the pie-baking contest. (No ladies have asked for a revival of the wood-sawing tradition.) And so in October we plan to re-introduce THE HAWLEY GENTLEMEN’S PIE AND TART EXTRAVAGANZA.


The contest will take place on October 9, the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend, at the Hawley Meeting House. The day will start with the arrival of the pies (due by 11 a.m., please!) at the Hawley Grove, across the road from the meeting house. While the judges deliberate, starting at 11:15, tours of nearby historical sites will be available for contestants and fans.

A delicious lunch hand-prepared by Hawley’s finest cooks will follow at 12:30 at the Grove. At about 1:30 (or whenever everyone has finished lunch), we will repair to the Meeting House for the Pie Parade, a brief musical entertainment, and the announcement of the winners!

Of course, men and boys outside Hawley are welcome to compete as well. Admission to the Extravaganza is free, although there is a $15 entry fee for the contest, and we request a donation for lunch. (We’d love other donations as well, of course, since the Meeting House restoration is an ongoing process.)

Start polishing those pie recipes! Please contact us if you have any questions.

And if you’d like a preview (with pies!), here’s a video. The recipe for Michael’s pie (and a link to the recipe for Tinky’s) may be found here.



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